What we do - Que hacemos

Enrichment Classes

We sponsor enrichment classes through STAR Education and a couple of our own.  Past classes included soccer, cooking, rock star music, mad science and drawing.  Fall classes start September 10th and again on October 29th.   Look for a flyer in your child’s take home folder or check back here for more information. 

Fall Festival

The fall festival is our signature community event.  Every year in November, we hold this grand festival with great food, super entertainment, bouncy houses and carnival games.  This is a great opportunity for you to bring your friends and family to introduce them to La Ballona.   Make sure you come to this year and help us grow.  Discounted tickets go on sale October 31st at the Mask Parade.

Front and Center Theatre Collaborative


We love the performing arts and every year we provide funding as part of a district wide arts collaboration.  This new program strives to bring comprehensive theatre education for all students.  Last year, we had members of We Tell Stories come into the classroom as part of a residency program. 


Growing Great

Growing Great utilizes three integrated school programs:  Classroom Nutrition, School Gardens, and Harvest of the Month, to create a collaborative school, home and community education model.  Parent volunteers teach students how to make nutritious food, help plant the garden and harvest the ‘fruits of our labor’.   We are always looking for garden volunteers; please let us know if you would like to help.  Click on the volunteer button at the top of this page.


We fund La Ballona teachers with mini-grants to purchase supplies, instruction materials and for professional development.  This year, we plan to give an total of $5,000 in grants.  The deadline for the Fall grant is September 31st.  Encourage your teacher to apply.   Past grants have funded teachers with art supplies, books, software, science materials and registration fees for professional conferences. 


The La Ballona Jog-at-hon was one of the original fundraisers by LBEP.  Children get sponsors to pledge money in a lump sum or for each lap that they run.  Prizes are awarded for the top fundraisers, and the top runners for each class get medals.  During the jog-a-thon, the kids run to music and parent volunteers mist them and provide water to cool them off.  Although the children run every week during P.E., they love the jogathon!  It has been described by the kids as the best day of school.  The jogathon is one of the top fundraisers for La Ballona and has become a cherished and much anticipated tradition.

Partners in Print

Families of students in K-2 join teachers and volunteers for evening workshops on reading literacy.  The goal of the workshops is to provide ideas of how parents can work with teachers to help their children become life-long readers.  With our sponsorship, children are able to receive a free book and an grand finale assembly featuring a big literary event. 

Symphonic Jazz Orchestra

In 2009, we make a commitment to ensure every grade level receives music as part of the curriculum.  Every year, we bring the Symphonic Jazz Orchestra to Kindergarten and 1st grade.  The residency teaches the fundamentals of music (rhythm and notation) leading to the students playing small bells (glockenspiel).


We provide funding for the SuccessMakers program.  SuccessMakers helps students meet reading and math curriculum requirements.  With the help of an aide, students are guided through a powerful and engaging software program. 


Our technology program strives to bring new equipment into every classroom.  Last year, we were able to provide three new interactive projectors.  Now, thanks to our efforts with the school and the Culver City Education Foundation, every classroom has a ‘smart’ board or interactive projectors.  This type of technology can greatly enhance and engage our students’ learning while also preparing them for the digital world.  This year, our goal is to replace computers in the classroom.  With your support, we could get at least one new computer in every class.